Half of IL Medicaid Beneficiaries found to be ineligible

No doubt many states do a better job of means testing for Medicaid than Illinois. But a shocking audit of more than 700,000 recipients of Medicaid benefits discovered that 359,000 should not be receiving Medicaid at all. It certainly makes you wonder just how massive the fraud is across all 50 states. And just think - Obamacare will expand Medicaid for at least 7 million this year alone. KMOV: The early findings of an ongoing review of the Illinois Medicaid program revealed that half the people enrolled weren’t even eligible. The state insisted it’s not that bad but Medicaid is on the federal government’s own list of programs at high risk of waste and abuse. Now, a review of the Illinois Medicaid program confirms massive waste and fraud. A review was ordered more than a year ago-- because of concerns about waste and abuse. So far, the state says reviewers have examined roughly 712-thousand people enrolled in Medicaid, and found that 357-thousand, or about half of...(Read Full Post)