'I Spy' - with Portuguese subtitles!

Remember the outrage from Brazil about the US spying on their President & other leaders?

Well, we learned today that Brazil has been doing some spying of its own:

"The Brazilian government confirmed Monday that its intelligence service targeted U.S., Russian, Iranian and Iraqi diplomats and property during spy activities carried out about a decade ago in the capital Brasilia.  

The relatively low-key surveillance was reported by the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper, based on Brazilian intelligence service documents it obtained from an undisclosed source."

OK, so we spy on them and they spy on us. 

So can we call it a tie?  Isn't that what happens in soccer, or the national sport in Brazil? 

Can we all admit that spying is a part of the game?  Nations need information and spying is how they get it.

The larger point is the irresponsible and treasonous Snowden "leak".  It put all of this stuff on the front pages. 

There is a serious side to the leak because some leaders may be afraid to work with the US in the future.

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