Goldman-Hillary alliance secure

If a construction company executive paid a $200,000  speaking fee to a state official who controlled road construction in that state, there might be a question or two as to the propriety.  Why so much money for a speech, one might ask. In the past few days, Hillary Rodam Clinton gave two speeches.  Those who attended say they were mere prepared remarks with short Q & A sessions at the end of each.  Goldman Sachs paid her $200,000 per speech. What a linguist she must be!  $400,000 for tepid platitudinal and banal observations given to an audience likely more versed in the topic on which she spoke.  Perhaps she gave up her secret to cattle future trading in which she is arguably the all time best.  All winners.  Now that might be worth 200k. It is for all to witness the constant parade of ex Goldman Sachs executives to high position in the United States Government.  They seem to find lofty positions closely linked to their actual...(Read Full Post)