DC insurance commissioner a casualty of Obama's 'fix'

William P. White, Washington, D.C.'s insurance commissioner, expressed his doubts on Thursday that the president's administrative "fix" for Obamacare would be workable. On Friday, he was fired. Washington Post: White was called into a meeting Friday afternoon with one of Mayor Vincent C. Gray's (D) top deputies and told that the mayor "wants to go in a different direction," White told The Washington Post on Saturday. White said the mayoral deputy never said that he was being asked to leave because of his Thursday statement on health care. But he said the timing was hard to ignore. Roughly 24 hours later, White said, he was "basically being told, 'Thanks, but no thanks.' " White was one of the first insurance commissioners in the nation last week to push back against Obama's attempt to smooth over part of the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act: millions of unexpected cancellations of insurance plans. In persuading Congress to vote for the health-care overhaul,...(Read Full Post)