American education: mediocre is the new excellent

More evidence that American public education is systematically dumbing down the American people. From Breitbart's Jon David Kahn:

Parents are generally proud when their child makes the honor roll, but Beth Tillack, the mother of one such student at Pasco Middle School, is anything but beaming. When examining her son's report card, Tillack read hand written comments from his teacher - including "good job," a smiley face and a note saying her son had made the honor roll.  The only problem was, her son received a "C" and "D" among the grades.

Mrs. Tillack, who actually cares about her son learning to strive and who wishes him to escape the cesspool of mediocrity at his government school, hit the roof and got her son's grade revised.

Pasco Middle School Principal Kim Anderson explained that handwriting notes of encouragement has been a practice among teachers at the school since the 1990's. However, after Tillack lodged her complaint, Anderson said the school revoked the first draft of her son's report card and replaced the "good job" with "Work on Civics. Ask for help." 

I have educated my three children without the help of any government schools. While there may be islands of excellence out there, and most certainly are dedicated teachers still to be found, the system is stacked with functionaries who, believing they are being helpful, are teaching our children to be mediocre mush heads. If you have children, don't let he government get ahold of their education (unless one of the service academies admits them).


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