Dallas did not kill JFK

As a kid in Cuba, I watched with my dad Fidel Castro on TV  talk about the Kennedy assassination.  I don't remember what he said but my dad told me later that Castro was nervous.  I guess that he felt that President Johnson would use the assassination to correct the mistake at The Bay of Pigs. Over time, I've heard all of the conspiracy theories, watched a few documentaries and even that idiotic Oliver Stone JFK movie that came out 20 years ago. Can we finally call it?  President JFK was killed by a crazy guy who was hanging around with communists and supporting the Castro dictatorship in Cuba. Yes, there were angry right-wingers in Dallas.  Some of them behaved poorly.  However, do you think that one of these groups would have "contracted" a head case like Oswald to kill anybody?.  My guess is that most of these right wing groups would have given Oswald a bloody lip if they ever had a chance to run into him.  This...(Read Full Post)