Obamacare spurring increased demand at food banks

There is a group named "Thanks Obamacare" that is running advertising in highly questionable taste encouraging young people to join up in order to be able to be promiscuous thanks to "free" birth control pills, among other dubious bits of advice. Well, here is something else we can thank Obamacare for: more people needing the assistance of food banks. This comes not from any right wing source, but from the Salvation Army in ultra-blue Seattle, via MSM mainstay there, KIRO TV. John Nicely writes:

The Affordable Care Act, orObamacare, is now being linked to a new group of people depending on food banks.  In the past three months the already stretched-thin Salvation Army Food Bank in Renton has seen an influx of a new type of client.

"What we're seeing is a lot of people who've had their full-time hours reduced to less than 30 hours," said Capt. Chris Aird of the Salvation Army.

That coincides with companies reducing workers' hours in anticipation of the new health care law.  The list of companies reducing hours to less than 30 hours a week includes Trader Joe's, Dupont, IBM, UPS, Walgreens, Home Depot, and Time Warner Cable, according to Reuters/Wall Street Journal.

Well, we can cut President Obama just a little bit of slack here. After all, he never promised that "If you like your 40 hour a week job, you can keep your 40 hour a week job," now did he? In fact, nobody but us "right wing crazies" was warning the American people that putting in a huge extra cost on giving people jobs for 30 hours a week or more was going to result in people losing such jobs, and the inevitable growth of part time work. That fully predictable outcome was something nobody in the mainstream,m media wanted to hear. And we were called racists for pointing it out.

So, if you've lost your 40 hour a week job and are understandably having a hard time making ends meet on part time wages, you can Thank Obamacare.

Hat tip: Roy Wilson


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