Obamacare spurring increased demand at food banks

There is a group named "Thanks Obamacare" that is running advertising in highly questionable taste encouraging young people to join up in order to be able to be promiscuous thanks to "free" birth control pills, among other dubious bits of advice. Well, here is something else we can thank Obamacare for: more people needing the assistance of food banks. This comes not from any right wing source, but from the Salvation Army in ultra-blue Seattle, via MSM mainstay there, KIRO TV. John Nicely writes: The Affordable Care Act, orObamacare, is now being linked to a new group of people depending on food banks.  In the past three months the already stretched-thin Salvation Army Food Bank in Renton has seen an influx of a new type of client. "What we're seeing is a lot of people who've had their full-time hours reduced to less than 30 hours," said Capt. Chris Aird of the Salvation Army. That coincides with companies reducing workers' hours in anticipation of the new health care...(Read Full Post)