Bill de Blasio and Lee Harvey Oswald

On Saturday night, I watched "As It Happened: John F. Kennedy" on Channel 2.  Dan Rather said that Lee Harvey Oswald, an admirer of Russia and Fidel Castro's Cuba, killed Kennedy. Well, look whom New Yorkers have voted in now.  Bill de Blasio, just like Oswald, is an admirer of Russia and Castro's Cuba.  He joyfully visited both, honeymooning in the latter.  Add in Nicaragua for good measure. Now, I don't think that De Blasio is an assassin.  He will never kill anyone.  The deaths will be the accidental result of his softness on crime and his progressive clichés.  They will be consequential.  His philosophical equivalent, Sarah Scheindlin, has criticized stop-and-frisk, and gun violence has already gone up.  It seems that people like De Blasio and Scheindlin, who seem to want to do good, trip over their own feet and injure others.  Their means are civilized, but their ends are...(Read Full Post)