Knockout Game for Fun 'n Sport

Black teens, evidently bored with flash mob violence, have turned to a new game. It's called "Knockout." Nothing very complicated. It's what used to be known as cold-cocking; that is, smashing an unsuspecting enemy -- or in these instances, victims -- when their guards are down. It's happening in Brooklyn, where Jews are taking the brunt of it -- literally. It happened in Pittsburgh recently, where a 50-year-old schoolteacher minding his own business was bashed.

The knockout game has resulted in more than injury; it's resulted in several deaths. Per CBS News in New York:

Back in September, 46-year-old Ralph Santiago of Hoboken, N.J., was killed after his head was slammed into an iron fence. The three arrested, who police said were captured on video, were just 13 and 14 years old.

Mr. Santiago's killers were "just 13 and 14 years old."

These "kids'" savagery requires compassion and intervention. Historical and contemporary latent racism toward blacks are the motivations for these outbursts. Until or unless racism is expunged from American society, expect such, such... unseemliness. Throw the kids in the hoosegow and dump the keys in the Hudson? Why, these youngsters have their entire useless lives ahead of them. Mr. Santiago? Dead as a doornail. But we're about second chances for cold-blooded killers, right? And if Trayvon Martin hadn't been offed by the unhinged George Zimmerman...

Note that nowhere in the CBS News report is it mentioned that the teens are black, political correctness being the day's orthodoxy. It shouldn't matter one wit that the perpetrators of these crimes are black teens (no more than flash mob violence, which is disproportionately, if not exclusively, a black teen phenomenon). No, siree.

After all, white and Hispanic kids are just as capable of these atrocities -- err, precociousness. Come to think of it, we've seen ghetto culture penetrate the broader popular culture, so violent flash mobbing and the knockout game might just make it to the bucolic burbs.

The good news -- if there's any -- is that the victims of the knockout game make up the American rainbow -- white, brown, and black (I couldn't find anything on yellow, but give the gamesters a chance). Age matters not, either. One victim was 78 years old. Gender? Nope. A woman laden with shopping bags coming out of an NYC department store was waylaid.

If we had real maturity in the society, rather than the arrested adolescence too typical among those too old for pimples, and didn't have so many among the MSM, the academy, and in politics who purvey an ideology that doesn't permit an unflinching, candid look at the sickness plaguing far too large a segment of the black subculture, maybe we could constructively address the underlying causes for this criminal behavior.

That would mean driving out the sense of victimization and entitlement many blacks feel because they've been inculcated with the belief that past racism means they're owed something now -- and, very likely, in perpetuity, since racism is and always will be a feature of white-dominated society. 

The black underclass is the victim of their own race-pimping leaders, like the notorious Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  And the Jeremiah Wrights and other race-baiters, like Louis Farrakhan.  They're victims of a predominantly white -- yes, white -- liberal establishment and Democratic Party that profits handsomely from keeping the black underclass under. 

Democrats have long been the oppressors of blacks -- that's history.  Slavery and Jim Crow being the greatest offenses against blacks by Democrats.

But today, Democrat oppression of blacks is sly.  Pretend that you have compassion for the black underclass, commiserate with and stoke grievances, real and imagined, while exploiting the hell out of poor blacks, particularly, to achieve and keep power.  Oh, and like the U.S. Calvary did on the Plains in the mid to late 1800s, enlisting Indians to track down and fight other Indians, do the same with blacks today. Co-opt -- or willingly enlist -- blacks to shamelessly exploit their own people. 

There's a hell, folks, neon vacancy sign always blinking. 

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