You Must but We Can't.

Is this the Peter Principle moment for the Federal Government? Have we for now come to the point that the magnitude of encroachment into the lives of private citizens is now beyond their level of ability to do so?  Hopefully.  Obamacare's appetite for one sixth of the economy seems to be too big a bite for the Progressive Liberal crowd steeped in their theory and devoid of any practicality.  Barack Obama, in his 2001 NPR radio interview maintained that government must do more.  "More" seems to be unattainable beyond this point, for now. We are instructed and threatened with tax /penalty to "sign up."  We "must" and are required to do so.  The mechanism with which we are to engage and satisfy this dictum "can't" accommodate the efforts to comply.  The software and website are inoperable. The bureaucracy is incapable. Are we thus relieved of the obligation?  No. To point out this absurdity to a liberal is to invite invectives such as "why...(Read Full Post)