The most depressing statistic of the week

Since the government shutdown (or more accurately, the very minimal shutdown designed by Obama to spite and punish people) delayed a boatload of depressing stats about our Obama economy, here is one for you from Forbes magazine:

More 18-24 year old access Facebook than watch ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox combined.

Of course, this cohort voted for Obama in overwhelming numbers, powering him to victory in both presidential elections.

So with a world of information available to them, they choose to follow the daily and for the most part completely inconsequential musings of their various Facebook friends (many of them they do not even know that well) than keep track of what is going on in the real world. Of course when so many rely on student "loans," taxpayer-funded grants, the ability to stay on their parents' insurance policies until 26 thanks to ObamaCare, food stamps, extended unemployment payments, and other taxpayer-funded programs, why bother with the real world? Let others work in it and pay them while they spend time on Facebook?

Needless to say, the Obama campaign utilized Facebook (one of the founders, Chris Hughes, was key to Obama's internet campaign work) as well as the rest of the internet tools available to them - especially YouTube - to basically brainwash the brainwashable to vote for him.


And they and the rest of us will pay the price for decades to come.