Sarah Palin, Football & Lonegan Equals Tea Party Victory!

Quoting the Pointer Sisters' song "I'm so excited!," Sarah Palin has endorsed Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate New Jersey. Steve Lonegan will fight to preserve our Liberty against government regulations like Obamacare that seek to limit our prosperity. Let's come together, turn out, work hard, and elect conservative Steve Lonegan to the U.S. Senate on October 16! Folks, not only am I excited about Palin's endorsement, but I am most excited about Steve Lonegan, the man.  Cut from the same cloth as Sarah Palin, Lonegan boldly articulates the benefits of conservatism and why it is the best route for all to achieve their American Dream.  Like Palin, Lonegan is a proud fiscal and social conservative.  He is also strongly pro-gun and pro-life. We in the Tea Party have had very little to cheer about over the past few days since the government shutdown.  Democrats with the full support of their sycophant media have been demonizing the Tea Party and Republicans...(Read Full Post)