Making Life Difficult

If there was any "mystery" as to why the government was closing venues that require no federal funds due to the shutdown, that mystery has been solved.

The government closed down the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. even though it was an open-air monument that was normally open 24/7 and required no security. This, in spite of the fact that the administration had been notified that several veterans, some in their nineties, were schedule to visit the memorial. Not only does the memorial require no federal funds, the only costs incurred by the government involved setting up the barricades to block entry. Disgusted by the situation, several people, including some Republican congressmen, physically removed the barricades themselves and escorted the veterans onto the grounds. After receiving critical media coverage, the administration said they would allow the veterans into the memorial in the future. But instead, the administration doubled down and continues erecting the barricades. Why are they doing this?

When asked by the press as to why the National Park Service was closing the parking lot of Mount Vernon, which is privately owned, a park ranger admitted they were under orders to "make life as difficult for people as we can". This is why owner of the Pisgah Inn in Asheville, North Carolina was told to close his doors of his privately-owned enterprise which has no federal employees and why the U.S. military is keeping Camp David open while cutting off sports coverage to troops overseas.

The Democrats are claiming the Republicans are holding the nations "hostage." But is seems the mean- spirited hostility to the public is coming from the Obama administration.

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