NYT Likens Orthodox Jews to the Devil

In its Sunday, Oct. 27, edition, the Times runs an opinion piece by Shmuel Rosner about political battles in Israel over daylight saving time. Secular Israelis favor a lengthier DST period. Ultra-religious Jews favor a shorter DST period that ends before Yom Kippur. Otherwise, it means an extra hour of fasting ("Israel Salutes the Sun" page 11, Sunday Review) So far, so good, although Rosner makes clear which side he favors -- the secular one obviously. But it's an opinion piece; so he's entitled to his opinion. What he's not entitled to but what evidently reflects a deep-seated bias of Times editors is the last paragraph of his piece that celebrates the current extension of DST beyond Yom Kippur -- a victory for the secular side. "But at least one prayer had been answered," Rosner writes. "Israelis had proved once and for all that Yom Kippur is no excuse for turning the lights too early in the fall, and that the country's majority -- which often bickers about ultra-Orthodox power...(Read Full Post)