Go Tell It On the Mountain

As the word of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report goes forth ex cathedra to make disciples of all nations, many will embrace it, some will even adore it.  Verses from the AR5 (Assessment Report #5) version of the IPCC climate bible will be quoted ad nauseam to win converts and to support sanctimonious government programs designed to limit the liberation of the masses. Sadly, of all believers, it will be gullible Christians who arguably will be most culpable for the ensuing continued misery. It's been estimated that more than a billion people still live in poverty.  Access to low-cost, abundant, readily-available, God-given natural resources would go a long way to alleviate this real-world crisis.  Yet, rather than having faith that God will sustain His environment so that the liberating word of Christ can go forth, Christians have put their trust in the U.N.'s "arm of the flesh." The IPCC has been preaching for decades...(Read Full Post)