Another Obamacare success: Website shutdown

Symbolizing the failure of Obamacare from concept to planning to fruition, after paying a Canadian headquartered information technology company $93,000,000 to develop the Obamacare website,  Health and Human Services spokeswoman Joanne Peters chirped:

"To make further improvements to the system, we will be taking down the application part of the website for scheduled maintenance during off-peak hours over the weekend.  The enhancements we are making will enable more simultaneous users to successfully create an account and move through the application and plan shopping process. During the scheduled maintenance, the call center will still be available to assist consumers throughout the night. We expect that Monday, less than a week after the Marketplace opening, there will be significant improvements in the online consumer experience."

"Further improvements" to a site that didn't function properly for the few days it has been up and has nothing worthwhile to imrove?  "Scheduled maintenance" after only three frustrating days of operation because the site was overwhelmed with "simultaneous users" ie, so many surprisingly unexpected applicants?  That is  known as unscheduled maintenance to a site that perhaps cannot be improved for even one user, let alone simultaneous/multiple users because of poor planning and forced content, typical of government and academic dreamers.

"Adding capacity sounds great until you realize that if you didn't design it right that won't help," said Bill Curtis, chief scientist at CAST, a software quality analysis firm, and director of the Consortium for IT Software Quality. "The architecture of the software may limit how much you can add on to it. I suspect they'll have to reconfigure a lot of it."

In Democratspeak, the Obamacare website crash is another government success; the shutdown and inconvenience is the fault of...the stubborn Republicans especially the Tea Party.  Wait for it.