Day Traders vs. Long-Term Investors

Day traders versus long-term investors.  That's what came to mind when reading Ramesh Ponnuru's and Rich Lowry's lengthy essay at National Review Online ("Against Despair").  Shall the GOP be led by day traders or long-term investors?  Who are the conservatives and who are the Republicans?     Ponnuru and Lowry argue that conservatives are overreaching and brash, while establishment Republicans can be lackluster and shortsighted.  But establishment Republicans have an edge.  Their approaches to Washington's political realities are conventional and practical.    Conservatives blew it, write the authors, by pushing ObamaCare defunding that led to the shutdown.  The polls say so.  The damage is done.  Repairing a damaged GOP is accomplished how? By playing politics the "normal" way.  Per the authors: While conservatives are right to be dissatisfied with...(Read Full Post)