The Three R's: Raunchy, Rude, and Reprehensible

Would it be okay for a school to promote Victoria's Secrets, or Miley's twerks? Of course not, but are you aware the new school "uniform" for girls can only be described as "trash wear?"

School fashion has always been a hot button issue, and dress codes are a difficult moving target for administrators to define and police. Unfortunately, by their inaction to stop a downward trajectory of deviancy, schools have consciously promoted the sexualization of children.

Female clothing in schools today is not like you remember. Instead of fighting hem lengths and tucking in shirts, teens are wearing tights pants, shorts that make "daisy dukes" look like bloomers, and sports bras as shirts. If that wasn't bad enough, girls -- who are reaching puberty up to five years earlier than past generations -- are exposing more cleavage than a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.

To add insult to common decency, girls look as if they have been mauled on the way to school. Tears, rips and holes are in. The problem is the frayed ends of hippy jeans and the cut off shorts of yesterday have given way to a look that replicates the aftermath of a bar fight at best and sexual assault at worst. It's now considered "hot" to look masochistic.

The natural waistline has given way to bottoms worn so low that underwear has to be an afterthought. Short shorts have become loincloths where any "clothing malfunction" is probable cause for a pornography charge. And see-through tops showing undergarments fit for a Las Vegas showgirl are the rage. The problem is the rage looks like it's on stage at a burlesque show.

The "I've not bathed in weeks look," emulating a rough night of heroin use is also a trashy teen fashion trend. It makes one wonder, have we lost the ability to feel shame or even look in a mirror? At one time cultural norms use to act as a filter for choices and behavior, today the filter has been removed. The stench of the self-absorbed is no longer an affront because society has gotten use to the smell of cultural rot. In a pathetically gross irony, looking "dirty" literally means being dirty.

At this point you're either in shock, denial, or chuckling; but the problem in the hallways of our nation's schools is tragic. What we have is an epidemic of distasteful dress disguising self-loathing and the inability for young girls to understand and identify with substantive role models or a parent that cares. Instead, confused girls parade around as if they are Kim Kardashian, believing sexuality can replace an empty sense of self that's screaming to find "who am I."

Parents have abdicated their responsibility to the point of child abuse. Mom, fobbing off your child's innocence so you can try to relive your own pathetic childhood does not make degrading your daughter "cute." You should know better.

Even worse are shameful dads who allow their daughters to parade around all but naked. What on Earth are you thinking? It's your daughter, for God's sake! And students who still have a shred of self-respect should not have to feel pressure to wear such scandalous clothes.

It is time to hold parents, students, and schools accountable for allowing children to dress in a provocative fashion. The bottom line is twofold: educators have a responsibility to guide young ladies to become young ladies. Secondly, male students and teachers must not be forced to learn and work in what can only be called a disruptive and offensive or harassing environment.

School is supposed to be a place of work, respect and discipline. Unacceptably the three R's have turned from reading, writing, and arithmetic to raunchy, rude, and reprehensible.