What about those Democrats who oppose ObamaCare?

Senator Reid knows two things:  1) There are a lot of Democrats running scared because of ObamaCare; and, 2) Union leaders are not crazy about ObamaCare either. Deroy Murdock shared some rather interesting polling data on Sunday: "This research echoes growing doubts about Obamacare among leading Democrats and the union bosses who love them.  "We've got millions of people - working-class, middle-class people - who are going to be pushed into a regulatory health coverage no man's land," Senator Ron Wyden (D., Ore.) warned last Valentine's Day. "They are unable to afford the family coverage through their employer and ineligible for the subsidy that could be used by dependents on the exchange."     On March 21, 33 Senate Democrats voted for a non-binding resolution against Obamacare's medical-device tax. Illinois's Dick Durbin, Minnesota's Al Franken, and Maryland's Barbara Mikulski were...(Read Full Post)