Can Tina Fey see the future from SNL?

As noted, Saturday Night Live opened its 39th season with a skit on the realities of Obamacare. 

But, like the dog that didn't bark thus solving the mystery in a Sherlock Holmes story, what was not portrayed in its much heralded premiere of the television year was also revealing.  All the six new actors--five males and one female--were...OMG! how politically incorrect...white!  Their ethnicity was not readily apparent.  They join a recurring cast which is mainly also...white with two uhm people of color, both males--one, Jay Pharoah, does an on target President Barack Obama (D).  There is also one white Iranian born female; does that count as a minority?   And Pharoah's Obama has no mate as the show lacks a black female star.  Michelle must be hurt.  After all, Hillary had her SNL twin.  

Ra-a-acism?  Oh dear!

Former cast member/former head writer Tina Fey returned to host the show, modestly claiming, unlike the other SNL stars, she never developed a specific character.  Tina, Tina.  Even Sarah Palin can see you acting opposite homosexual mocking, photographer bashing, child abusing Alec Baldwin in your recently concluded series.   Why didn't you acknowledge your iconic doppelganger portrayal of Ms. Palin?  She can take it--she's the real thing.  And she is still around, still a force.  What were you afraid of?  No death panels for you.

The show that people over 30 like to dislike, SNL reflects its youthful audience. So, is pc no longer dominant among the recession hit generation?  Tina Fey may be seeing something from her television house--and it isn't Russia.