Regarding Ecstasy at the Electric Zoo

I haven't touched drugs in thirty years, but there was a time where I had some bad experiences.  I mourn the childish kids who died of ecstasy at the Electric Zoo music festival on Randall's Island. All the cornballs who are afraid of jail want marijuana legalized.  They discount the fact that it often leads to harder drugs.  I knew drug addicts who got clean in jail and then went on to lead productive lives. As a teenager I went to a heroin shooting gallery to buy pot, and the junkies called me a kindergartener.  It tempted me to go to heroin to counter their insult, but I wasn't that insane.  I started popping Dexedrine and tranquilizers.  Later I popped a few mescalines and almost flipped out.  Then I went back to pot and freaked on it.  Pot became hallucinatory poison to me.  Maybe if you're a dull, unimaginative, ideological liberal, you can smoke pot without hallucinating.  If you're like me and are a sensitive poet who has...(Read Full Post)