Putin Helps Assad Clean Out His Garage

Not only does it appear as though Putin is "bailing out" Obama in this whole Syrian mess, but he may be doing Assad a huge favor as well (no, not by saving him from an "unbelievably small" assault) by brokering the hand-over of Syria's chemical weapons.  Of course Bashar al-Assad welcomes the Russian proposal to secure Syrian chemical weapons. Why wouldn't he?  He gets his patron as his overseer, undermines Barack Obama's credibility in the region even more, and gets to go back to his civil war with less chance of any significant international intervention against his regime. I'm sure Assad welcomes Putin's help in more ways than one.  I for one would certainly welcome Putin's proposal, but applied to my own household. I have a large cabinet in my garage for storing all of the dangerous chemicals I've accumulated over the years, left over from many a household project.  Even an "unbelievably small" fire could cause a toxic mess out there.  Painting a...(Read Full Post)