Let's Drop the Hyphens

News from Nairobi, Kenya continues to be almost incomprehensible. Scores of dead. Men, women and children murdered by a gang of psychopaths trying to hide their innate evil behind the veil of the "Religion of Peace." Reports, particularly from British media, continue to identify a small number of the attackers involved in this outrage as "Americans" or "Somali-Americans." Apparently no matter how horrendous an event may be, the Progressive media, both at home and abroad, continue their effort to make all Americans feel guilty over something that was not their fault, was not done at their instigation, and as any rational person could see, were not acts that were committed by an American. Let's be more specific. These "Americans" are not Americans in any sense of the word. Calling them Somali-"HYPHEN"-Americans is not any better. They obviously think of themselves as Somalis, and not Americans at all. These people did not move to Minnesota to pursue the American dream. They asked for...(Read Full Post)