Iran is not going to shake our hand because we want to shake theirs

We got another taste yesterday that the world may love Obama but it does not respect him.  I don't know about you but I want our presidents respected rather than loved.  It's a safer world when they respect rather than love our president.

President Obama went to the UN assembly meeting hoping to make history by shaking hands with the Iranian moderate.  He left town without a handshake and his speech was "all mush," specially the line about the world being more stable than it was 5 years ago.

The humiliation was complete when "the Iranian moderate" refused to shake President Obama's hand:  

"For days before the U.N. conclave, White House aides had broadcast the President's desire to shake Mr. Rouhani's hand. By Monday, the press was overflowing with leaked accounts of where and how it would happen. Having thus turned down the lights and turned up the mood music, it made the snub that followed especially potent. What the Administration is trying to spin as a function of complex Iranian politics was, in blunt fact, an expression of lordly contempt for what Iranian leaders consider to be an overeager suitor from an unworthy nation."  (WSJ)

Another bad day for those who thought that Obama would change the world with a speech and a smile. 

We learned again that Iran does not like us, whether our president is a Texas Cowboy or "a self proclaimed enlightened liberal" who promised to meet unconditionally with our enemies when he was a candidate.

Again, they don't like us and have no serious desire to change their nuclear plans. Another waste of time at the UN!

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