Getting Syrious

It should be evident by now to all but his most hope-and-change-besotted acolytes that Obama's sole talents are:  (i) talking up his own game, even when it's naked; (ii) enervating the United States; and (iii) making a mess of whatever he touches.  The current debacle in Syria is a perfect example of the exercise of all three. And it should be even more painfully obvious that, behind his putative "leadership," our manic lurching to and fro among all manner of unsavory social minefields and dangerous political and international adventurisms will never stop as long as he is on the scene.  Unceasing new chaos breaks across news cycles like waves eroding a broken shoreline.  New shards and tumult are the only dependable result.  His caprices are without end; our attention rivets weekly, or even daily, to his newest "priority"; we are dragged behind him.  The crises are inchoate, and he opens no end of fronts in his battle against us.  In five years we...(Read Full Post)