Cruz Missile

Still going on now after 19+ hours -- at 10:00 AM the morning after the evening on which it started -- Ted Cruz's magnificent, courageous, magisterial, and sustained broadside against Obamacare will be permanently remembered as an exemplar of what one man can accomplish through principle, panache, and passion. Standing alone on the Senate floor, Mr. Cruz is leaving no stone unturned in his D-Day assault against the so-called healthcare behemoth which threatens not only our economy, but also our autonomy, our health, our privacy, our traditions, and our freedoms. Never acrimoniously, but with deftness -- armed with facts, filled with admiration for Americans' work ethic, and embodying a quiet but unmistakable disdain for the bullying of Harry Reid, the Democrats' strangulation of debate, and the cravenness some of his Republican fellows -- Ted Cruz is exploding one pillbox, bunker, and fortification of nascent socialism after another as he advances inexorably along and retakes the...(Read Full Post)