Beware Persians Bearing Gifts

Americans are an honest and a trusting people. Our word is our word, and we place a high premium on integrity. We are psychologically removed from the byzantine ways of the Persian bazaar. A friend of mine once purchased a rug there, and the merchant was upset when he bought it at face value. After the deal was made, the salesman actually tried to negotiate it for more. That's why I am so worried about the charm offensive that newly elected Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, is currently embarked on. His timing is brilliant, as he is about to address the opening of the General Assembly tomorrow. This Thursday, Mr. Rouhani wrote seductive words in the Washington Post. Among them: "Gone are the age of blood feuds. World leaders are expected to lead into turning threats into opportunities." It would be so tempting to believe, if at this very moment Iran weren't sending over 4,000 Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops into Syria to support Bashir Assad's brutal government, to help...(Read Full Post)