The 'law of the land' does not apply to all of the land

There are many things about ObamaCare that we can criticize:

1) First, it is not really affordable, as people will find out.  The AHCA never addressed costs or structural problems such as lawsuit reform; and

2) It depends on what the meaning of universal is.  We will still have millions of uninsured in the US, according to James C Capretta.

Beyond costs and universality, my biggest objection is that the law is unfair.  It does not apply to everyone, such as members of Congress, and about 729 companies and other concerns exempted.

This is why I don't buy this "law of the land argument" that we hear from Democrats

Yes, Obama Care passed Congress and was signed by President Obama.  It was even blessed by The Supreme Court.

However, we are not implementing the law that Congress passed or what Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts gave his OK to.

The law has been changed, often by executive decree, about 15 times:

"President Obama

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