A Comparison of Threats

I'm a little confused. A decade ago, when Bush wanted to go to war against Iraq, the liberal outcry was that (a) the supposed "weapons of mass destruction" hadn't been proven to exist and (b) the Iraq government had not made any threats against the US or its allies.  Now, when Obama is urging us to attack Syria, shouldn't we apply the same tests? Syria has been accused of manufacturing and using poison gas against its rebels. The report has been disputed and there are counterclaims that it is a rebel ruse. Such a weapon, assuming missile or terrorist delivery, could kill thousands of people at once. However, Syria has never threatened to use such as weapon against the US or any of its neighbors. In contrast, Iran is well known to be developing nuclear materials and, despite its claims to the contrary, is probably working on nuclear weapons. Although it has a limited missile capacity, it is connected to terrorist organizations that could deploy "dirty" or fission bombs that...(Read Full Post)