A Personal Example of ObamaCare's Failure

A free society involves competition.  The reason communism failed is because that form of government didn't give the latitude for people to experiment and do what they wanted.  Our new health care is bound to get strangled by its own regulations and heavy-handed bureaucracy.

My last urologist, Dr. G, had abandoned all of his Medicare patients because he no longer wanted to deal with the forms, the low pay, and the approaching onslaught of ObamaCare.  Thousands of doctors are now refusing Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Today I went to an appointment with a new urologist, Dr. Y, for a problem I imagined that I was having.  He still accepted Medicare and his office was packed.  He had taken on the patients whose doctors had dropped them.  I sat there over an hour while the waiting room remained stagnant.  I could see that I would be there all day.

So Mr. Obama has either done away with Medicare or caused endless waits for those who have paid into the system for years -- all so that he could provide health care for those who have not earned it and, despite liberal ideas of justice, don't deserve it.

I couldn't take it anymore, so I just walked out.  I don't know what I'll do for a urologist.  But I'll tell you that Obama has played God, replacing the free enterprise system with his dictatorial choices as to who gets what and how long they have to wait to get it.  He is destroying our health coverage while telling us that we can keep our favorite doctors and won't have to wait months to get a doctor's appointment...or won't have to sit hours in a packed office.

ObamaCare reminds me of Wilson's Broken Window Theory of criminology.  It points out that vandalism and lack of attention to minor crimes leads to major crimes.  The government-centric theory of health care will lead to poor doctoring and a lack of attention to people's illnesses.  Both are an indication of progressive societal decay.  Both are examples of trying to lead from the top rather than inductively allowing a free enterprise system to flourish.