Progressive radio show host insults short people

Rush Limbaugh was attacked for calling Sandra Fluke a "slut" who argued that women should be provided taxpayer provided birth control. Will Stephanie Miller be treated the same for repeatedly insulting short people? Today, liberal talk show host Stephanie Miller was conversing with Karl Frisch about the growing calls to boycott the Winter Olympics in Moscow over Putin's government's bias towards gays. The talk digressed into politics. There was speculation that the leading candidates on the GOP side were too "bonkers' to have a credible chance. Mitch Daniel's -- the former governor of Indiana -- came up as a prospect. Miller dismissed him as too "micro," too "short" to have a chance and said he was off the radar screen because he was too short. He was too "mini' to command respect, in her view. Then Rand Paul's name emerged and Frisch said he was also "small" and short. Miller than "joked" that the GOP field can become like a "dwarf toss." There were other insults...(Read Full Post)