Some Clown

Some clown heads an administration plagued by numerous scandals including: IRSgate, Benghazigate, Fast and Furiousgate, Pressgate and Pigfordgate to name just a few.

Some clown claims the above mentioned are nothing but "phony scandals."

Some clown fails to comprehend that raising the minimum wage would be a disaster.

Some clown claims the United States needs to be "fundamentally transformed."

Some clown continues to do an end run around the Constitution in order to protect a chosen few from the harmful effects of ObamaCare.

Some clown's economic policy is (predictably) failing.

Some clown has overseen the lowest labor participation rate since 1979.

Some clown has been charge while food stamp usage has reached an all time high, all while the USDA attempts to recruit even more users into the system.

Some clown continues to get a free pass from the mainstream media.

I could go on and on because this clown's resume contains even more highlights.

Unfortunately, this happens to be this particular clown's first non-theoretical rodeo.

So does anyone really give a rat's behind what the skin color of the above mentioned clown is?

Meanwhile, a rodeo clown has been banned for life for carrying on the comedic tradition of having a little bit of fun (even if in bad taste) at the expense of a certain president.

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