Oprah's Farewell to Middlebrow

Oprah Winfrey has always been able to read her audience keenly.  I have to wonder if she now is targeting a different audience, because she always seems to have a purpose. She became rich convincing middle class women she could be a next door neighbor they could share their lives with and to go for advice. She carefully cultivated this empathetic, everywoman, middle brow image.  She was said to be drawn to the gathering of other successful blacks at Chicago's Trinity Methodist Church but quickly realized the Rev. Wright rhetoric would turn off her audience and stopped attending.  When her audience expressed concern she was an aging, single, career woman, the tabloids blossomed with stories of an engagement -- and wasn't it too bad they called it off and now she'll probably never have children?  When highbrow authors sneered at her selecting their works for her book club, she switched to classics by long dead writers who couldn't make fun of suburban housewives...(Read Full Post)