Muslim Brotherhood torches Christian orphanage in Menia

Perhaps the most striking image I remember from the very dark days of the great massacre in Rwanda in 1994 appeared in the Atlanta Journal newspaper's front page.  It showed many beautiful children in a room, all orphans of African descent, running wide-eyed in horror toward the photographer.  The caption said that the kids were trying to escape murderers with machetes coming through the back door who, beyond tragically, were largely successful in their attack.  The orphanage had been abandoned by its Catholic caretakers.

Without questioning the bravery (or not) of the adults there, one can now only pray that two decades later and hundreds of miles farther north on the Nile there were neither children nor Christian caregiving adults in this orphanage that was set ablaze in the city of Menia by Muslim Brotherhood mobs who supported deposed Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi.  The haven's name was Soldiers of Christ Orphanage (hat: tip: Gateway pundit and American Family Radio's Bryan Fischer). 

In 1994, President Clinton's inaction was partially to blame for millions of lives lost. By contrast, the end result of our current president's actions in the early days of the "Arab Spring" remain to be seen...yet so far even on a smaller scale they are proving to be no less lethal.