Wendy Davis candidacy won't change the political facts in Texas

Put me down as someone who would love to see the Democrats nominate Senator Wendy Davis to run for governor. 

Why? Because she can't win as "the abortion lady". The Democrats have miscalculated the issue.  Most Texans do not believe that it is a human right to have an abortion after 20 weeks. 

The latest "we are madly in love with Wendy" example is a Vogue story:

"After more than thirteen years in public office, Senator Wendy Davis had become an overnight sensation-and speculation about whether she might run for Texas governor immediately began making the rounds. The story got even better as her bootstraps background emerged through a Meet the Press interview and countless news stories."

The story correctly points out that Wendy Davis was a single mother who made something out of herself against all odds. 

I salute her for that!

The story reminds us that President Obama carried only "...26 of the state's 254 counties."   

Senator Davis won't do much better, unless the GOP nominates a disaster candidate who gives the election away. We remind you that such a thing happened in 1990 when Mr Williams made Ann Richards governor.   (She lost to George W Bush in 1994)

Senator Davis has another problem.  She is not known for promoting business development, or the GOP's winning platform.

Senator Davis has a 3rd problem.  Hispanics do not support abortions after 20 weeks.  The "human right" argument does not play well with Hispanic women. 

Read the internals of this poll! Hispanics do not support abortion after 20 weeks! Most others don't either.  It is not a winning issue!

So please nominate Wendy Davis as "the abortion lady" in 2014.  She will carry San Francisco, New York City but lose big in Texas.

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