Obama's Quality of Leadership

Egypt is vital strategically to U.S. interests and security in the Middle East.  Yet the United States stands by, powerless, as mayhem reigns there and instability simmers dangerously elsewhere.  What has happened to our influence in the world?  A clue can be found in President Barack Obama's own words, his recent response to Russia's grant of asylum to NSA-leaker Edward Snowden: I have not called [Russian President Vladimir Putin] personally and the reason is...number one, I shouldn't have to. This is a disturbing window on the mind of our president.  What responsible CEO facing a crisis would make this kind of statement?  What dedicated leader would avoid taking all necessary steps to try to secure a crucially important victory? Real leaders embrace their role.  They are willing to confront a crisis head-on ("damn the torpedoes") and do whatever it takes to prevail.  A true leader is engaged, directing the action from within the fray, not...(Read Full Post)