Some 'indocumentados' are not very helpful

As a supporter of a limited but humane solution for young people who were brought here as kids, I find this story appalling:

"Dozens of undocumented students at Wake Technical Community College are pushing for changes to a policy that requires them to pay out-of-state tuition.    The students are forced to pay the out-of-state fees, which are nearly four times the cost of in-state tuition, even if they graduated from a North Carolina high school and have been living in the state for some time."

This is sick: 

""I think it's discriminatory because they give us the opportunity already to be able to study here. We work really hard," said undocumented student....."

Let me say this:

These young persons should thank God that they are illegally in the US.  God only knows what the Mexican authorities would to do them if they were Central Americans marching in Mexico.  

These young people deserve nothing.  They are already here.  They are enjoying the benefits of the US.  Frankly, shut up and stop complaining.  Nobody owes you anything!  You should be grateful that this nation is willing to consider some legalization of your illegal status.

I am naturalized citizen and my 3 sons were born here.  They would have to pay out of state tuition if they selected a school out of Texas. That's the way it is!

The immigration reform debate is already very difficult.  I support granting young people some pathway to legalization. 

However, it's not easy when people demand stuff from this country.   There are millions of Americans unemployed and underemployed. Thousands have quit looking or can only find part-time work.  Do you think that they want to hear garbage like this from someone who is not legally in the country?

As I've said before, it's time for some people in the Hispanic community to grow up and accept some reality.  Asking for stuff or marching with Mexican flags loses people like me who are trying to help you!


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