Hold-out Holder

Yesterday Rick Moran posted a piece decrying the absence of our prez from a highest level gathering of all of America's top government experts on combatting terror. While all these top echelon executives, cabinet secretaries, departmental directors, military leaders, etc., were gathered on a Saturday in the nation's capital to discuss the purportedly most serious security threat to America and her diplomatic picket lines in the Middle East since 9/11, our disengaged supreme leader apparently thought his golf game more deserving of his attention than a seriously lethal (as defined by his own agencies) threat to American interests. Thus our counter-terror first team met without the team's leader, the only person with the lawful authority to act on any determinations of that team.

However, that is not the issue I found to be so curious about this gathering of counter-terror mandarins. Rather, I was struck by one particular absence on that list of attendees, that of our attorney general, Eric Holder. In an administration that has declared unequivocally that terrorism directed against American citizens and properties is not an act of war but rather criminal activity to be adjudicated in courts of law by juries of peers, it strikes me as incredibly remiss that in such a high level anti-terrorist conclave, the nation's ultimate legal authority was not present.

Think about that: we are informed that America is facing the most serious terror threat since 9/11 and yet it is not apparently severe enough to require the attendance of the two most critical players, the commander-in-chief and the nation's chief law enforcement officer. What smells like a Detroit dumpster about this scenario?