No Gun was Needed

Someone who is intent on committing mass murder can do so without the use of a gun, as I asserted in an AT article following the Sandy Hook tragedy.  A truck (or car) could easily cause as much damage as a gun under the command of a deranged lunatic, yet the Left continues to focus on the restriction of guns (one of many potential weapons) instead of dealing with the lunatic who ignores all law.

Sadly, it looks as though I wasn't at all off base on this one:

A man who sped down Venice Beach's crowded boardwalk Saturday evening looked like he wanted "to create mayhem and massacre a lot of people," a witness said.

One woman was killed, and a Los Angeles County coroner's office spokeswoman identified her as Alice Gruppioni, 32, of Italy. Her husband told police they were on their honeymoon, a law enforcement source told CNN.

Nathan Campbell, 38, was charged with murder after he turned himself in to police hours after the incident, Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman Rosario Herrera said Sunday. Campbell is being held on $1 million bond, she said.

"There no indication that he knew anybody that he hit," LAPD Cmdr. Andy Smith said. "It looks like this guy wanted to run over a bunch of people. One guy bent on doing evil."

While the motive is still unclear, this "one guy bent on doing evil" -- without a gun -- injured eleven others during his rampage as well.

So will there now be hysterical cries for increased car control as we witnessed with guns in the wake of Sandy Hook?  Will President Obama exploit Alice Gruppioni's death to help further such regulation?  Don't hold your breath. The Left is certainly more concerned with an auto's carbon foot print than it is with its carnage foot print, otherwise we would be hearing much more about automobile fatalities in the U.S.

And it looks as though even terrorists understand that you can't let gun control get in the way of a good jihad: 

An FBI official said that there was "no indication at this point of a terrorism motive." A recent edition of al Qaeda's Inspire magazine recommended driving a car into a crowd as a low-tech way of staging an attack.

On second thought, maybe background checks and the institution of a fifteen-day waiting period prior to allowing access to rental cars by tourists wouldn't be such a bad idea.

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