Beltway narcissism rampant in wake of WaPo sale to Bezos

The capital's ruling class and its vast army of hangers-on (especially the media branch) is abuzz with the sale of the Washington Post to Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos.  For as long as most of them have been adults, the Post has been the arbiter of visibility, able to make or break people in the Washington social whirl,  not just respected but feared. After all, it bagged a Republican president. The Graham family reigned at the pinnacle of the permanent social structure in town. Presidents may come and go, but for four generations, the Grahams have been able stewards, cannily investing some of the paper's bounty during the fat decades in Kaplan, a lucrative private education outfit that has kept the company afloat even as hard copy newspapering plummets toward its grave, done in by the very internet that made its new owner an eleven figure billionaire. But now the Grahams have bailed out. So suddenly that it caught the New York Times flat-footed. Times reporter Gay...(Read Full Post)