Raising More Benghazigate Questions

Jake Tapper peeked recently into that dark room wherein the Obama Administration and its allies in the MSM have consigned the Benghazigate Scandal.  Tapper's was the first and only major report to appear in the MSM, and CNN will air a special on Benghazigate tonight at 10:00 PM EDT.

It should be a "must watch" for anyone interested in understanding the event, its genesis, and its consequences.  The MSM (except in a blog here) has not touched Tapper's report, and the special may serve as a second prod to get its members off their collective duffs.

One little fact Tapper's in piece is being said to have been unreported earlier other than in alternative media: that a total of seven persons were injured in the attacks.

That number is interesting because no injuries were reported during the series of face-to-face "immaculate confrontations"  at the compound and with the rescue team.  Nor were any injuries reported amongst the rescuers and the rescued during their fighting retreat back to the Annex (as reported by Fox---caution, autoplay)

The numbers injured reported in internet postings vary widely from a few up to as many as thirty treated in Germany, and seven then hospitalized at Walter Reed.  These various links may be followed to see those numbers discussed.

I have further comments here and here on the event and an expanded and illustrated account here.

I'll be in the unprecedented circumstance of sitting down to watch CNN at 10:00 Eastern on this evening hoping to find out if CNN knows the answers to these many questions!

And I know that I'll be joined by at least one hitherto skeptical leftie.

How about you?

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