A National Conversation on Race

Progressives keep saying that we "need a national conversation about race." Then they shout you down as a racist if you say anything that doesn't agree 100% with their views. Here are some suggested topics for that conversation: ● About 70% of black babies are non-marital births, which is highly correlated with poverty. How do we reverse this trend, and restore the black family to what it was back before welfare and minimum wage laws, when a majority of black kids were born into two parent homes and blacks had a higher employment rate than whites? ● Blacks make up 13% of the population, but commit 53% of the murders, with about 85% of the victims being black. How do we get the black murder rate down to near the white murder rate? ● Whites are twice as likely to be murdered by blacks as blacks by whites. How do we end this imbalance of racial violence? ● Houston has about the same size population and income level as Chicago, and a larger minority population, but has half the...(Read Full Post)