WaPo Stacks the Deck

With the European Union ratcheting up its anti-Israel bias and Secretary of State John Kerry embracing an Arab League peace plan that would doom the Jewish state, the Washington Post joins the fray with ''news' coverage with the customary pronounced pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel tilt. ("E.U. acts against Israeli settlements -- Move to block funding comes as Kerry renews push for Mideast peace" by William Booth and Anne Gearan, July 17, page A11). Here's how the Post provides supposed context for Kerry's latest push to get Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas back to the negotiating table: "Netanyahu has agreed in principle to resume talks without pre-conditions, but Abbas has sought a show of good faith before he takes the political risk of negotiating with a leader whom many Palestinians distrust." In a single paragraph, Post correspondents Booth and Gearan manage to whitewash Abbas while distorting Netanyahu's position on renewed peace...(Read Full Post)