The betrayal of Anthony Weiner? (updated)

Boo hoo! Anthony Weiner's a victim, doncha know. He has taken to bemoaning a betrayal by "people I trusted when I communicated with them." Democrat pros are now taking the position that he is delusional. At least that is the gist of an article in Politico by Edward-Isaac Dovere and Maggie Haberman: Anthony Weiner has lost his mind. At least, that's the conclusion most Democrats have come to. There's really no other way they can explain how he's handled the revelations of his post-resignation sexts and his combative encounters with voters over the weekend looking for him to quit the mayor's race. But Monday night's needlessly dismissive brush off of the Clintons - the first family of Democratic politics who consider his wife a second daughter - surprised even people who thought they couldn't be surprised anymore by his political self-destructiveness. Yep, the Clintons are handling him and Huma with tongs. Huma, who may be more ambitious than delusional (the jury is still...(Read Full Post)