Snowden and Pollard: A Tale of Two Spies

Jonathan Pollard, a former naval intelligence analyst, began serving a life sentence at the Federal Prison in Butler, North Carolina on March 4, 1987, for the crime of passing classified material to Israel.  From the government's standpoint a lengthy trial had the potential of divulging sensitive material.  For his part, not wishing to chance a life sentence at trial Pollard and the prosecutors worked out a plea deal. According to the deal both sides agreed upon, Pollard would plead guilty to: "One count of conspiracy to deliver national defense information to a foreign government."  By doing so, his wife Anne also was allowed to plead out for her complicity in the crime.  She served 3 years of a 5 year term and was released.  In accordance with the plea, and to avoid life imprisonment, Pollard pledged full cooperation with a government espionage assessment team and swore non-disclosure of sensitive material he had privy to.    Not content with the...(Read Full Post)