Equality? I dare ya...

Oh, behold those who speak of equality.  They dance around the matter like a moth on a back porch light, never really landing upon it.

We all know who they are.  They make a living at image management, shakedowns, high political office, and bad TV talk shows.  Some get appointed to the Supreme Court.

Equality? I dare ya.

Show us "your" equality.  For those "public servants" who speak of equality and wrap themselves in its comfortable imagery, I suggest no waivers be issued for passed legislation.  Regardless of to whom someone is connected or whom someone has funded, they also must adhere to the legislation.  We will all adhere equally.

As for the members of Congress themselves, they must be also subject to the laws they pass, just like all the other citizens.  We will experience the judgments of Congress equally, à la the forgotten promise of Madison and other framers of the Constitution.

There will be no check-box for race or minority designation on any application, be it for employment or college admission.  No point system (University of Michigan), and no quotas. 

Fire and police departments will give tests to determine who is qualified.  All will be considered on an equal basis. 

Flat tax.  Remove the "specials" that have made the tax code the largest document in the Western world.  Equal treatment and protection under the law.  Maybe there should be an amendment?  Maybe there is.

There are two quotes one seems to never hear anymore.  The JFK quote regarding doing for your country rather than asking the country to do for you.  The other is by Martin Luther King regarding the measuring of a person not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.  When did that wisdom get winnowed away?

For all those who pretend to be proponents of equality, I ask you to square your imagery with your reality.  For certainly, in your world, you seem to subscribe to an environment in which there are degrees of equality.  A remarkably convenient posture.