Punishing Enemies and Rewarding Friends

A Barack Obama campaign speech is generally long on soaring, stylistic rhetoric but woefully short on much resembling substance. Yet there is one campaign promise Mr. Obama has delivered on in spades. Before the 2010 midterm elections Mr. Obama, speaking to a Latino group, in an effort to rally support for Democrats famously encouraged them to help "punish our enemies and reward our friends." Never mind that Mr. Obama had placed Latinos on the back burner for the first two years of his presidency - two years in which his party held majorities in both the Senate and House. He needed them now. Mr. Obama's proclivity for rewarding his friends is legion; billions in Department of Energy loan subsidies to green energy cronies, untold Obamacare waivers to union buddies and Nancy Pelosi constituents, stacking the NLRB with unconstitutional recess appointments of union stooges, and suing Boeing for building a plant in a right to work state.You get the picture. And when it comes to...(Read Full Post)