Europe's comical reaction to NSA snooping

They say that you can count on death and taxes. Let me add a third one: You can count on countries spying on each other.

Countries started spying on each other a long time ago. It started before Obama was born.

Frankly, the "shock" coming from Europe is comical, to say the least.  When will The Nobel Peace Prize Committee call on President Obama to return the trophy? 

President Hollande of France wants the spying to stop or there won't be any trade talks. Really?  The French are saying this?  Are these same French who are telling their young people to leave the country for a better life: ("The Best Hope for France's Young? Get Out")

The Germans "summoned" the US ambassador. Have a nice flight home. Keep an eye on that guy behind you.  He may be listening to your phone calls!

My favorite one is this:  "Germans Loved Obama. Now We Don't Trust Him."

Forgive me but I'm laughing and laughing hard!

The Europeans' problem is that they really bought into the nonsense that a President Obama would turn out to be different than President Bush. In other words, they didn't really think that President Obama would actually look out for the US at the expense of the Europeans. 

They thought that he'd be the president of the world or the man floating above us totally devoid of that terrible thing called politics or national self interest.

They are painfully learning that he is the president of the US and in charge of the CIA, NSA and that big military that has been protecting Europe since World War II.

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