O'Reilly Is Right about Black-on-Black Crime

Kudos to Bill O'Reilly for pointing out the dangers of black-on-black crime and the simplistic focus of Obama, Sharpton and the race-baiters on Zimmerman's atypical and idiosyncratic shooting of Trayvon Martin. In telling the truth, O'Reilly runs the risk of being considered a bigot or profiler by the prejudiced black and liberal communities.  It is worth it.  He at least has the chance of saving the blacks from themselves and their failure to correct their masochistic behavior.  Under the influence of the Jesse Jacksons of the world, the blacks have become a blame-them society, pointing at melting-pot American culture to explain their unemployment and their failed families.  They think it is cooler to join hip-hop society than to achieve academic excellence. I have always loved blacks.  I don't know why.  But it's a form of prejudice in their favor.  I have boxed with them and rapped with them.  I have been in jail with them.  I...(Read Full Post)